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COVID-19 Update

Camp Gulf Update 3-23-2020

Property Status:

As everyone can appreciate, in these trying times, situations change not only by the day but by the minute. We provide the following update to provide accurate information and to correct a lot of incorrect information that has been disseminated by others. The Camp Gulf RV park is open for business and as discussed below has instituted CDC guidelines at the park.

Camp Gulf Precautions:

We continually disinfect our bath houses, store, and activity center. We are not aware of anyone that has used or is using our facilities being infected with the coronavirus.

We encourage all guests to use extra caution and good measures of common sense. We do recommend you visit the CDC site for hygiene recommendations.

We offer a check-in that is interaction free. Your information pack and car pass are at the back door in a private envelope, with a private gate code, and map to your private site. Please keep the pen. Use it on the keypad to open the gate (we do keep it sanitized). We are doing all we can to social distance. Hence it is requiring more phone calls. If you have questions and get a recording please know that we are busy serving others. Please be kind and courteous to staff during this trying time as they are working hard for you.

The Beach:

The “public beaches” have been closed by Walton County. Fortunately, the vast majority of our beach here at Camp Gulf is privately owned and open.

In closing the “public beaches,” there has been some confusion among the Sheriff’s office, the Fire Department, and County code enforcement as to what is “public beach” and what is private beach. The aerial photo below visually depicts Camp Gulf’s private beach:


As you can see, there is a small section of public beach between the private beach and the water. This section of the beach is closed and not available for use by guests. We apologize to our guests for the local confusion due to the various agencies not understanding the boundaries of private property. We have begun to place signs along the beach marking the private beach area. Please stay within this area. If you experience any issues with the Sheriff or other county personnel regarding your use of the beach, please call the manager at (877) 226-7485.

Please follow the CDC and Governor Ron DeSantis’ directions to not gather in groups larger than 10.

Cancellation Policy:

If you wish to postpone a trip here we understand. The policy which you agreed to when making the reservation is still in effect. As a reminder, the fee to make the reservation is non-refundable. Everyone who made a reservation agreed to the possible loss of that when making it. We will however under these circumstances allow you to make one change of date for the use of this. There is no time limit. If you cannot make it within one year let us know and we will make arrangements.

Thanks for your understanding in these unprecedented times. We look forward to a quick new normal. Our prayers are with everyone.

Camp Gulf