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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a reservation but will be arriving late. What do I do?

Can I arrive early?

Do I need to check into the office when I leave the park?

Do you allow tent camping?

Can I put a tent on my site with my RV?

Will there be someone to assist me with parking? It's my first time camping ...

How many vehicles are allowed on an RV site?

What kind of RVs are allowed at Camp Gulf?

What are quiet hours?

How many TV stations are on the park's cable?

Can I get ESPN?

Do you have a camp store that sells the essentials I may need during my stay?

Do you rent chairs and umbrellas for the beach?

Do you honor Good Sam discounts?

Can I keep my tow vehicle/trailer hooked up at my RV Site?

Are there lifeguards at the pools so I can leave me children unsupervised?

Can I string a clothesline to dry towels?

What are the pool hours?

Can I bring fireworks into Camp Gulf and use them on the beach?

What do we need to bring when renting a cabin?

How many people do the cabins sleep?

When does housekeeping come to clean a cabin?

Can I bring a pet if staying in a cabin?

Do you have trash pick up at our site?

Can I wash my RV at my site?

Is there someone who can come and repair my RV?

Is there shopping close to Camp Gulf?

Where can I get good seafood?

Where is the closest Camping World?

Where can I get propane?

Is there someone who will bring me a rental car during my stay at Camp Gulf?

Where can I play golf?

What toys do you rent at Camp Gulf?

What local churches are nearby?

Can I fish on the beach?

Where can I fish? Are there piers in the area?

Where can I get a fishing license?

Can I launch my jet ski from the beach at Camp Gulf?

If I bring a boat or jetski can I park them at my site?

Can I bring a golf cart and what do I do with the trailer I am bringing?

Can I rent a golf cart at Camp Gulf?

What activities does Camp Gulf have and how do I know when they occur?

What is there to do?

Can I take my dog on the beach?

Why do the 800 sites not allow pets even if they do not leave the RV?

Do you have a laundry facility?

Why do I have to keep my vehicle speed limit to 4 1/2 mph in the park?

What do the colored beach warning flags mean?

Can golf carts and bikes be used after dark?

What happens if a hurricane or tropical storm hits while I am at Camp Gulf?

Do you have WiFi?

Should I tip staff members for doing a good job?

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