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The New Normal

What will the new normal look like?

It is said that “Hind site is 20/20” but no one knows what tomorrow holds. With this in mind we know that it will be different in post virus life. Many will be concerned for future events or the return of the next flu season. We are proactively committed to a safe place for you and your family to camp.

For those who have worked here they know our internal training motto, C.A.M.P. (Campers Are My Priority). As we trim bushes, clean, and go about doing all the things to keep the park running smoothly we at Camp Gulf are constantly reminded in this simple way that we are only here to serve the guests! We have a reputation for being very hospitable and friendly. This is because of the C.A.M.P. policy. It is not just a mantra but a way of life, a foundation on which all other behaviors and attitudes are built. It has been our foundation for 25 years and will continue into the future no matter what it holds.

Our new future will include our pledge to our guests to provide a new level of awareness for your ‘safe space’. We will space event chairs further apart. We will station hand sanitizer stations around the park for everyone’s use. We will offer a very clean check-in area and offer a non-interaction check-in for anyone that desires (just let us know that is what you want when you call).

Soft-serve ice cream will not be available anymore. There are individually wrapped ice cream varieties at the main store and the soft-serve you love will be available at planned activities with a staff person to assist you.

We are committed to keeping our gate key pad clean and sanitized. We are researching alternative entry devices that minimize this interaction.

Care, Caution, Common Sense

By employing care, caution and common sense, we will all be able to safely enjoy the creation and each other. For our guests we will ask that you show others the courtesy of a distancing that they are comfortable with (their circle, not yours). Please stay in your RV if you know you are sick. We believe RVing is a proven balance of freedom and safety that allows everyone to have a fulfilling stay here. Be considerate of those who may be in a susceptible health condition and refrain from close interaction with them. There will be a period of adjustment as we reach the new normal. During this adjustment period we will postpone large event gatherings, parking guests, and anytime soft-serve ice cream.

For all those loyal guests who have been concerned about us, thank you for all the support. We are all healthy and getting through this together.

Camp Gulf